Can I collect my materials?
Yes, this is fine. Collection times are 8:00am - 3:00pm
Do Litecast offer an installation service?
No, unfortunately this is not a service that we offer, we are a supply only company.
Can the Polystyrene systems be used as a working platform before screeding?
We do not suggest the polystyrene systems unscreeded is used as a working platform, however, it will take light foot traffic. Common sense has to apply.
Can you supply beams without a design?
Yes, in some circumstances we are able to supply beams without completing a design, however we generally prefer to produce designs in the first instance to ensure accurate installation. Please note that we can only supply a limited number of restricted length beams without a design. Unfortunately structural calculations cannot be provided when beams are purchased this way.
Do you supply concrete infill blocks with your quotation?
All quotations are initially produced without infill blocks. However, prices are available on application.
Do you offer an offload service?
Yes, all of our vehicles are equipped with a rear mounted hiab, crane offload. Our drivers will offload your materials, placing them in a safe location on site. This service is provided free of charge.
Does my quotation include a delivery charge?
Yes, as standard all of our quotations will be produced including a delivery charge. This cost can be removed upon request if you wish to collect your materials and will then be shown as ex works.
I have recieved my quotation, how do I place an order?
In order to proceed we require written confirmation, an order acknowledgment will then be sent. Please be aware drawing approval will also be needed before we can schedule your delivery.
How do I make payment?
Our preferred method of payment is BACS, our bank details are as follows: Natwest Sort Code: 54-21-13 Account Number: 30611857 Alternatively, a secure payment link will be provided with your Proforma Invoice.
How long will it take for me to receive my quotation?
Our current Quotation lead time is 48 hours from receipt of enquiry (excluding weekends).
I have had my beams, where is my polystyrene?
We aim to deliver our polystyrene the same day as our beams. However, delivery may follow 1-2 days after.
What are your opening hours?
The Litecast office is contactable from 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
What do I do if my design needs amending?
Preferred method is to mark up the existing Litecast drawing you have with any alterations required. The designer of your project can be found in the bottom right corner of your drawing along with their corresponding email address. Send the marked up plan across, the drawing will then be redesigned to suit and returned with an updated quotation.
What is the crushing strength (N/mm²) of the floor blocks?
This is something that would be determined by your engineer. The maximum density of the block allowed will be shown on the Litecast drawing provided.
What is your current delivery lead time?
Lead time is currently 3-5 working days from order placement and drawing approval. 225mm beams are non stock items. Orders for these may be slightly longer and can take up to 7-10 working days.
What is the maximum cantilever that your beams can acheive?
Our beams can achieve a maximum cantilever of 300mm.
What is the weight of your 150mm floor beam?
Our 150mm deep floor beam weighs 24kg/m, this is the lightest floor beam on the market, it will also span further than many of our competitors beams.
What is the weight of your 225mm floor beam?
Our 225mm beam weighs 69 kg/m. This strong and weighty beam can span up to 8m (metres) and is often used in higher Live Load scenarios.
What time will my delivery arrive?
Our delivery times are between 8:00am - 4:30pm. Upon request a rough ETA can be provided on the day.
What Uvalues can be achieved with the use of your GT and XT systems?
We can provide Uvalues ranging from 0.18W/m²K to 0.09W/m²K (Absolute U-Value) in varying increments, thus offering the most economical varying solutions. GT systems can achieve 0.09W/m²K to 0.18W/m²K XT systems can achieve 0.10W/m²K to 0.15W/m²K
What vehicle will my delivery come on?
Our delivery vehicles vary in size, we utilise many different vehicles in order to maximise our efficiency and keep our costs down. Should you have any delivery restrictions, please inform us at time of enquiry, once we have scheduled your delivery we can then advise the selected vehicle being used.
Will I recieve a design with my quotation?
Yes, you will receive a Litecast floor layout with your quote. This will need approving before materials are sent to site.
Can I span the beams over an intermediary wall, bearing at the ends of the joists and also in the middle (effectively having 3 or more bearing points)?
Unfortunately this can not be done with a reinforced precast beam. As soon as the floor is loaded out with beams, screed or any walls above while bearing at three points (or more), it will cause the back of the beam to crack, resulting in the structural integrity of the beam being lost.
What is the minimum bearing for your 150mm beams?
Beams require a minimum 85mm bearing on both masonry and steel.