Stand-Fast Blocks

Litecast’s new inter-locking Stand-Fast system consists of a heavy duty, ‘lego’ style, reusable multi-purpose concrete block.

The quality low cost solution for Joist and Block Flooring

The Beam and Block Experts

Litecast Homefloors have been supplying beam and block flooring since 1998 and have developed into one of the leading suppliers in the UK. Our custom made factory is located centrally in Warwickshire ideal for supplying the whole of the United Kingdom.

Litecast pre-stressed concrete floor beams are wet cast in precision-made steel moulds giving a smooth profile for ease of handling and accurate casting - minimising sideways bow and upward camber.

Litecast 150mm beam & block flooring provides a low cost easy to install flooring system.

Litecast 225mm deep beam & block flooring has been developed to accommodate longer spans and higher loadings suitable in schools and commercial and industrial projects.

We offer the following suspended precast concrete flooring systems:

Beam and Block

Traditional beam and block using suitable building blocks. This type of flooring is often referred to as bison beams.

Litecast XT

Floor beams with polystyrene panels between to comply with code level 3,4,5 or 6 or Building Regulations Approved Document L. This insulated flooring system can be used as an alternative to Jet Floor, Poly-plus, and Beamshield.

Robust Upper Floors

Floor beams with tray tiles between (or called beam and pot) to meet Robust Details E-FC-6 and E-FC-7 and Building Regulations Approved Document E. This system has proved to be an alternative to hollowcore flooring.


For use in projects that involve etc.

Robust Upper Floors

Sound Resisting Upper Floors

Litecast XT

Thermal Flooring

Beam & Block

Traditional flooring for houses, flats, commercial and industrial