Ceiling Clips

We supply ‘Ceiling Clips’ for the fixing of ceiling battens to the underside of our floor beams, when used at upper floor levels. Our ‘Ceiling Clips’ are designed to accommodate 50mm wide timber battens.

As well as offering our standard ‘Ceiling Clip’ we can also offer a unit to provide a clear void between the underside of our floor beam and the top side of the ceiling batten (please confirm your requirements at time of enquiry). Our ‘Ceiling Clip’ can be easily installed from the underside of the floor beams once the blocks have been laid (preferably prior to the final brush grouting of the beam and block to form the complete floor), by tapping the ‘Ceiling Clip’ into place between the underside of the block and the shoulder of the floor beam at the designated centres.

Typical usage will require 4-6 ‘Ceiling Clips’ per m².

When designed in conjunction with our floors, we will provide a complete design and guarantee, stipulating and supplying the correct quantity of ‘Ceiling Clips’ to suit your floor.­ Alternately we can supply ‘Ceiling Clips’ in packs of 250. Our reference code for this product is detailed below;

150mm Ceiling Clip – ANC-CC150
225mm Ceiling Clip – ANC-CC225



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