Finishes for Beam & Block

Floor Finishes

Litecast beam and block flooring is suitable for the application of a sand and cement screed as a directly bonded screed, or on a separating membrane. As all pre-stressed floor units are cambered levelling screeds or packing may be required when laying floating finishes.

Cement and Sand screeds should be not less than the following thickness:

Method of laying Minimum thickness at any point (mm)
Laid on a separating membrane (e.g. 1000g polythene) 50
Laid on resilient slabs or quilts (screed reinforced with galvanised wire mesh) 65
Above services, reinforcement or insulation 25








Screed Mix

Sand and Cement screeds should normally be a mix between 1 : 3 and 1 : 4½. Screeds more than 40mm thick may be of concrete.

Garage and High Loading Screed

Where a heavy point load is to be applied to Litecast joist and block flooring e.g. garages, it is recommended that the floor should have concrete of minimum grade C20 reinforced with an A142 fabric to distribute the load. Should the garage screed be laid on a separating membrane then flooring will not require grouting.


In situations where grouting is required. The floor should be thoroughly "wetted" and a 6:1 sharp sand/cement grout brushed into all joints as soon as possible. Once grouted and left overnight the floor will provide a rigid construction. The grouted precast floor provides a firm working platform for following trades.

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