Dual Telescopic Vents

The ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ is designed to provide a clear airflow passage to the void immediately beneath the suspended flooring system.

Our cleverly designed ‘Dual Extension’ facility means the use of the costly vertical extension piece will not be required, (unless extenuating circumstances are detailed) as the ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ is capable of accommodating up to 8 courses of brick in height and 200mm in width. The Z shaped unit is to be used in conjunction with our ‘Air Brick’ (shown below).

The ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ should be fitted in at least two opposing walls, via the cavity wall. Bricklaying should then be completed as normal, although care must be taken to keep the air flow passage clear from mortar drippings. In abnormal situations the ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ can be trimmed to fit with a Stanley Knife.

When used in conjunction with our ‘Air Brick’, we will supply a full design and guarantee on the product, stipulating the centres at which the units are to be placed.

When purchased as part of a project we will supply the correct quantity relative to your build. Alternately, we can supply the units in packs with 16 pieces to a pack. Our reference code for this product is ANC-UV.

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