Air Bricks

Our Airbrick has been designed to provide high levels of ventilation into cavity walls and under floor voids, when used in conjunction with our ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ (shown above). Free airflow of up to 7,600mm² will be achieved when installed correctly.

The Air Brick incorporates a free draining front mounted grill which consists of evenly spaced openings specifically sized to prohibit vermin gaining access but wide enough to be maintenance free. The Air Brick is to be fitted to the external opening of the ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ and built into the brick course as per normal practice, although care must be taken to keep the air flow passage clear from mortar drippings. When used in conjunction with our ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’, we will supply a full design and guarantee on the product, stipulating the centres at which the units are to be placed.

When purchased as part of a project we will supply the correct quantity relative to your build. Alternately, we can supply the units in packs with 20 pieces to a pack. We supply our ‘Air Brick’ in 4 colours, with the reference code for each colour shown below:


Terracotta – ANC-AB1

Buff – ANC-AB2

Blue/Black – ANC-AB3

Brown – ANC-AB4



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