Litecast - FAQs

Here are some questions that often crop up. If your question isn't answered here then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to provide an answer.



What is your current lead in time?

We will advise of our lead in time on all quotations. However, our lead in times can fluctuate and become out of date, the older the quotation. We suggest that in all circumstances you check with a member of Litecast Ltd prior to placing your order. We must note however, our lead in times are from placement of order, not from approved drawings, within this time frame we allow for the design and approval process.

What is the weight of your floor beams?

Our 150mm deep floor beam weighs 24kg/m, this is the lightest floor beam on the market, it will also span further than many of our competitors beams. Our 150mm beam is truly unique and something we pride ourselves on. Our 225mm beam weighs 69 kg/m. This strong and weighty beam can span up to 10m and is often used in higher liveload scenarios. Our 2 beam depths allows us to cover a vast spectrum of the market.

What information will I require when I wish to discuss an enquiry or order with Litecast?

In all circumstances please quote your unique 6 digit reference number, from this the Litecast team can check any information regarding your job e.g. design progress.

What are your opening hours?

The Litecast office is open from 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. For any collections/deliveries please confirm when this is possible with a member of the office team.


What U-Values can be achieved with the use of you Litecast XT floor?

We can provide U Values ranging from 0.20W/m²K to 0.08W/m²K (Absolute U-Value) in varying increments, thus offering the most economical varying solutions.

Estimating & Design

What do I need to send to Litecast Ltd in order to receive a quotation?

In order for our Estimators to provide you with an accurate quotation, we will require fully dimensioned and detailed plans stipulating the imposed loadings and also any partitions that may be built off the floors. Please leave your contact details on you enquiry incase we need to contact you to discuss your needs.

What type of concrete block can we use in our floors?

For us the strength is in the floor beam as opposed to the block, therefore our main interest is the weight of the block as this is an additional load the floor beams will be subject to. We will state the maximum density of the block within our quotation. However, one pointer to be aware of; the crushing strength of the block should be the same as, or greater than the crushing strength of the blocks utilised for your inner skin blockwork.

Order Placement

Can we work direct with Litecast?

Yes, you can either work with Litecast on a direct basis or via a local merchant of your choice.

I've had my quotation through, how do I proceed and what is the next step?

If you wish to proceed with your enquiry please send us written confirmation in the form of an email, fax or letter to do so (please use your quotation number when doing so); we will take this as an order to proceed. Following this you will receive an acknowledgement of order stipulating your expected delivery week and payment terms. The file will then be passsed to our drawing office who will produce designs for your approval. Once these are approved our transport department can schedule your delivery and advise you as and when this will be.

Payment & Invoicing

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards?

Yes we accept either, however we do not accept American Express cards. Other means of payments for Pro Forma invoices are; BACS transfer, Cash and Cheque. Once funds have cleared we can arrange your delivery/collection.

Deliveries & Collections

Can we collect from Litecast?

Yes, collection is a service we can offer. We can load almost any vehicle as long as it is suitable for the products you are collecting. Should you have any queries on whether your vehicle is suitable, please contact our Transport department.

Do you offload the beams onto the structure?

No, unfortunately this is not a service we offer, we are not insured to do this. Should the beams be delivered on a vehicle with an offloading facility, we will offload to the side of the vehicle only.

What is the size of your delivery vehicles?

Our delivery vehicles vary in size, we utilise many different vechiles in order to maximise our efficieny and keep our costs and prices down. Should you have any delivery restrictions, please inform us at time of enquiry. Once we have scheduled your delivery, we can advise on the type and size of vehicle to be used for your project. To obtain this information, please contact our Transport department.

On Site

How do we stack the beams on site?

We recommend the beams are supported as close to the ends as possible (within 6 inches). The beams can be stacked in rows up to 8 high. To be stacked on a flat, solid surface.

Can Litecast offer an installation service?

No, unfortunately this is not a service we offer, we are a supply only company. We can supply you with a list of suitable installers, please contact our Estimating department to obtain this list.

Can the Litecast XT system be used as a working platform unscreeded?

We do not suggest the XT system unscreeded is used as a working platform, however, it will take light foot traffic. Common sense has to apply. It has been left unscreeded for 5 years before, without any detriment to the system. It has also had 5 men jumping on the system before, again without any detriment to the floor. This said, we do not recommend you do either of the previous 2 statements (purely for example purposes).